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about us
the exceptional team behind it
about us
the exceptional team behind it
about us
the exceptional team behind it
about us
the exceptional team behind it
about us
the exceptional team behind it
about us
the exceptional team behind it
about us
the exceptional team behind it
about us
the exceptional team behind it
about us
the exceptional team behind it
about us
the exceptional team behind it
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we are architects, designers and engineers

We are an ingenious industrial design bureau offering custom solutions for non standard architectural challenges. Our range of work spans from consultancy services, design, and engineering to manufacturing, production, and installation.

Our multidisciplinary team aims to surpass technical limits through creativity. We have collaborated in some of the boldest projects worldwide. With headquarters in Mexico and branches in the USA and UAE, Kinetica has been operating in the manufacturing industry since 1998.

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the team

luis gabriel
orozco padilla

With a background in architecture, Luis Gabriel has amassed over two decades of experience leading Kinetica in developing cutting-edge and inventive solutions for some of the most complex architectural projects worldwide.

Driven by a deep passion for materials, processes, and complex geometry, Luis Gabriel has forged a unique blend of an industrial design office and a high-tech fabrication workshop. Kinetica's impressive portfolio of projects spans the globe, from New York to Dubai, Brazil to Morocco, with each project embodying the company's commitment to innovation and excellence.

Luis Gabriel's visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to quality have earned him numerous accolades and awards, including the "Premio Obras Cemex" twice, in 2012 and 2014, for his contributions to innovation in construction. His ability to merge creativity with practicality has allowed Kinetica to stand out in the architecture industry, establishing the company as a leading player in the market.

As Kinetica continues to expand, Luis Gabriel remains at the forefront of the company's efforts to push the boundaries of what is possible in architecture. He remains committed to delivering exceptional solutions that seamlessly blend form and function, all while maintaining the highest standards of design and construction.

cruz ramírez

Julieta Cruz is an industrial designer who has specialized in business development for Kinetica. She received her Master's degree in Business Innovation from ITESM and an Advanced Project Management Certification from Stanford Center for Professional Development, after completing her undergraduate studies in Industrial Design.

Before her current role as Head of Business Development, Julieta led Kinetica's Design team, working on projects for renowned architects such as Wallace Cunningham, David Chipperfield and Foster+Partners among others. Her knowledge of materials, processes, and international logistics, as well as her assertive personality and natural leadership, make her an excellent connection point for clients and architects.

Julieta's ability to communicate with clients and understand their needs has been integral in securing new contracts for Kinetica. In her current role, she has been instrumental in expanding Kinetica's market reach and securing large-scale projects for the company. Her impressive track record and natural leadership have helped establish Kinetica as a leading company in the industry.

ayup nájera

Hassan Ayup is a highly accomplished civil engineer with a degree from ITESM and a project management diploma from Ibero. He began his career as a field engineer and junior project manager for one of the largest space frame and domes design and manufacturing firms.

Hassan's passion for complex projects led him to Kinetica, where he joined the team as a Lead Engineer a possition where he played an instrumental role in delivering several of the office's most significant projects, including James Turrel's Skyspace "encounter," Caruso e Torricella's "Ternium Auditorium," Foster + Partners' "Saqqara tower Lobby," and Sasaki's "La carreta Pavilion."

His extensive experience managing multidisciplinary teams, administering resources, and strong project focus, combined with his deep knowledge of processes and equipment, made him the perfect candidate to take on the role of Head of Operations. He has been successfully leading the coordination of the company's internal operations since 2019, ensuring that Kinetica's projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality.

nuevo arenas

Leonardo Nuevo-Arenas is a prominent figure in the field of Computational Design in Latin America. As a part of the first generation of specialists in this field, he has built a successful career as a consultant, lecturer, and thought leader. He has participated in numerous academic forums across Mexico, Colombia, and Panama, sharing his expertise and insights with students and professionals alike. Additionally, he has collaborated with several design firms throughout Latin America, further solidifying his reputation as a top practitioner in his field.

He's been in charge of building and leading Kinetica's Computational Design department and manages its Advanced Robotic Manufacturing Site. This department is unique among architectural fabrication companies and has allowed Kinetica to provide cutting-edge services and solutions to its clients.

Throughout his career, Leonardo has been involved in numerous high-profile projects for some of the world's most renowned architects such as Foster+Partners, Zaha Hadid Architects, and Heatherwick Studio among others.

garza bernal

Saraí is a skilled and experienced architect with a proven track record of success in project management. She has a deep passion for design and is always seeking ways to push the boundaries of architecture.

Saraí joined Kinetica to work on high-profile international architectural projects. Her expertise and passion for architecture make her well-suited to help the company continue to grow and thrive. She is known for her exceptional organizational skills and self-motivated approach to work, which enable her to deliver excellent results on every project she takes on.

As a business developer at Kinetica, Saraí is responsible for identifying new opportunities for the company and working with clients to develop creative solutions that meet their needs. She is driven by a desire to create meaningful and impactful designs and is committed to working tirelessly to ensure that every project she is involved in is a success.

molina ruiz

Humberto is a talented architect who joined kinetica as an intern. His intelligence, discipline and adaptability earned him a permanent position as part of the Computational Design team just after graduation.

He’s been involved in several of Kinetica’s projects in the USA and supervised the installation for Zaha Hadid Architects’ One Thousand Museum Lobby and Drive Court. He was also part of the team in charge of the supervision of the installation for the 2021 Dubai Expo.

ricardo agustín
león rojas

Ricardo, who was trained as an architect at UNAM, México, and Universidad Nacional de la Plata in Argentina, has explored various mediums including industrial design, digital fabrication, robotic manufacturing, and sculpture to express his creative drive. His interest in utilizing digital platforms as more than just representation tools has led him to immerse himself in the use of Grasshopper's visual programming environment. With this, he has developed custom exploration, analysis, and optimization algorithms that are focused on generating complex geometry.

Prior to joining Kinetica, Ricardo collaborated with UNAM's Industrial Design Research Center (CIDI) and FabLab Mx, where he was able to explore different fabrication technologies applied to the creation of art objects.

As a Digital Fabricator at Kinetica, Ricardo has collaborated on various projects in Mexico and the USA. Notably, he recently completed work on the Houston Endowment's Headquarters project by Kevin Daly Architects and Productora.


With a Bachelor's degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from USAP, and a Master's degree in Architectural Design from The Bartlett School of Architecture; Mukul has worked on a wide palette of projects ranging from group housing to urban design and master planning.

Mukul's strong knowledge of algorithmic design, simulations, and coding, coupled with his interest in digital fabrication and robotic manufacturing, has led him to focus on developing computational tools to streamline complex design tasks using programming languages such as Grasshopper, Python, and C#.

As part of Kinetica's Computational Design team, Mukul is responsible for generating highly-detailed 3d models as well as developing scripts and tools that enable the analysis, optimization and fabrication of complex architectural elements for high-profile projects.


Pallavi Ray joined Kinetica as a computational designer, specializing in creating tailor-made solutions for complex architectural elements, leveraging algorithms to transform intricate surfaces into fabricable geometry.

Pallavi holds a Master's in Architectural Computation from UCL and a Master's in Product Design and Manufacturing from the Indian Institute of Science. Her academic journey has been marked by various awards, reflecting her genuine commitment to social and environmental matters, working at the synergy of technology, human, and design to solve pressing challenges aiming towards a more sustainable future.

With a diverse background in design consultancy and technology, Pallavi stands out as a visionary computational designer, seamlessly integrating coding-driven design in her daily work.


Born in the United Kingdom, Habiba is an award-winning Architectural Designer with a master's in Architecture from TU Delft, The Netherlands. She is driven by an integrated design focusing on circularity, transformative, and parametric design. Habiba values sustainability, context-based design, and using the most current technologies at its core during her design process.

She was a researcher for the Trans-Atlantic Platform project uVITAL, implementing Virtual Reality to communicate the renovation process of social housing to tenants in the Netherlands. Her projects extend from biophilic architecture such as the Overwater Restaurant in the Maldives, explorations reusing oil platforms, to restoration and reuse plans for the City of Lelystad, The Netherlands. Habiba was motivated to join Kinetica by applying cutting-edge technology and parametric principles to resolve non-standard architectural challenges as a computational designer.


Zahra graduated from Pars University of Architecture and Art in Tehran, Iran with a master's degree in Architectural Technology with a major in Digital Architecture. As an architect, she has immersed herself in parametric design and is proficient in finding solutions for writing challenging algorithms in architectural projects.

Zahra has worked as an architectural engineer in several teams and has participated in numerous engineering projects as a designer for residential buildings. She has also worked for several years as a computational designer for Parametric House, a global online platform focused on parametric design education, where she has written and developed numerous algorithms for kinetic facades, tensile structures, parametric towers, bridges, and buildings in the Grasshopper3d plugin.

Zahra joined Kinetica, as a Computational Designer, to continue her journey through implementing parametric design strategies in high-complexity projects.

castilla jimenez

Andrea is an accomplished industrial designer with exceptional skills in 3D modeling and creating engaging infographics that effectively communicate design proposals to clients and architects. She started her journey with Kinetica as an intern, where she quickly impressed the team with her talent and ability to analyze information and provide innovative design solutions.

Throughout her internship, Andrea proved her adaptability and her ability to grasp complex design requirements, resulting in her promotion to a permanent position within our office. Her outstanding work on high-profile projects across the USA has further strengthened her expertise and cemented her position as a key asset to our team.

With a strong work ethic and an unwavering attention to detail, Andrea has established a promising career within Kinetica's design team. Her ability to quickly understand design constraints and requirements and translate them into highly detailed models make her an invaluable member of our team.


Antonio is an Architect who graduated from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico (UNAM), joined the team to produce documentation plans and to contribute to design solutions for international projects.

As a skilled BIM Modeler, Antonio specializes in Revit, encompassing both Revit Architecture and Structure. He is passionate about ongoing learning, and staying up-to-date of fabrication and construction trends. His enthusiasm extends to creating shop details for construction and structural solutions offering valuable insights into architectural design intricacies.

arce hernández

Naydelin is a self-motivated Industrial Designer and Product Developer who graduated from CEDIM with a passion for creativity. During her time as a student, she thrived on participating in international design competitions, using them as a platform to hone her skills in 3D modeling and digital fabrication.

Naydelin's professional experience includes working with diverse materials, including metal and ceramics. She also has a keen eye for arts and photography, which has helped her in her daily work as a designer. At Kinetica, Naydelin has found a strong interest in digital fabrication, programming, and operating CNC tools, and she has embraced these areas with enthusiasm.

flores méndez

Roberto Flores is a committed industrial designer graduate from UDEM University in Monterrey. He joined internship program and stepped into the role of Junior Designer at Kinetica a few months later, bringing with him a passion for fabrication techniques and a keen eye for detail.

Roberto's portfolio demonstrates his skill in designing practical products for everyday use, reflecting a nuanced understanding of form and function. His proficiency in geometry, showcased through 3D modeling and free-hand drawings, enhances his ability to create functional designs. He is adaptable to the challenges of the office and always willing to learn and grow as a designer.


David, who recently joined Kinetica as a Jr. Designer, is swiftly charting a path towards becoming a Digital Fabricator. His background in Mechatronics Engineering significantly fuels his interest in CNC tools and industrial machinery. In his evolving role, David actively contributes to various aspects of the fabrication process. His responsibilities include crafting meticulous documentation, overseeing fabrication, ensuring top-tier quality control, and thorough project documentation.

Alongside these duties, David is fervently enhancing his CNC machine skills in the workshop, blending his academic knowledge with practical applications. This hands- on approach in the shop allows him to deepen his understanding of both theoretical and technical aspects of machinery operation. As he continues to marry his mechatronics education with his growing expertise in digital fabrication, David is rapidly becoming an integral part of the Kinetica team, bridging design and fabrication with his unique skillset.

rosiles de la garza

Angel earned his Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from UANL, where he focused on developing his skills in creative design, 3D modeling, rendering, and brand management. He also obtained a diploma in Design for Kids and Toys from Politecnico Di Milano, further expanding his knowledge in the field.

With a keen interest in future trends and a strong passion for innovation, Angel possesses a unique ability to develop cutting-edge products, brands, experiences, and businesses. Currently, he is a member of the design team at Kinetica, where he works on intricate geometries and fabrication processes.

gómez moran

Lot is a young and talented multimedia creator who joined Kinetica with the objective of finding new and innovative ways to showcase the projects and the stories behind them. His highly creative nature makes him constantly search for new means of expression, whether it be through graphics, photography, video, or audio, and he consistently contributes a fresh and innovative vision to the narrative.

Lot earned his bachelor's degree in "Languages and Audiovisual Production" in Mexico, and he has actively participated in the production of professional short films for festivals such as Ficmonterrey, where he has been involved in filming, directing, and editing. His versatility makes him an ideal fit for the ever-changing environment at Kinetica.

villalobos de león

Nestor's training as an Electrical Engineer started early, working closely with his father in the family's company, where he specialized in automatization and welding while developing metallic pieces for a wide range of industries in Mexico. Through this experience, he also learned about project management, giving him a solid foundation to build upon.

As an external consultant, Nestor first collaborated with Kinetica on the development of metal transformation processes for David Chipperfield's Jumex Museum and Sasaki's "La Carreta" pavilion. His expertise and contributions were so valuable that he joined Kinetica to lead the team in charge of all metal-mechanical processes for the 2020 Dubai Expo project. Nestor successfully coordinated both off-site manufacturing and in-site processes during the installation.

With his extensive experience and expertise, Nestor is now in charge of the development and coordination of all metal mechanical processes in the shop. His skills in project management, metal transformation processes, and mechanical coordination make him an essential member of the team.

rosalio josé
velazquez gallardo

Rosalio has been a valuable member of the Kinetica team for more than a decade. He began as a general assistant in the shop, and his exceptional learning ability and inventive and resourceful personality were evident from the very start. Over the years, Rosalio has become an essential contributor to the development of many of Kinetica's projects, providing creative solutions that have helped to overcome some of the most challenging aspects of fabrication and installation.

He has played a significant role in the design process of some of Kinetica's most notable projects, such as One Thousand Museum in Miami, Lantern House in NYC, and the Expo 2020 Pavilion in Dubai. In these projects, his ability to come up with innovative solutions for complex fabrication and installation challenges has been crucial to their success. He has demonstrated exceptional problem-solving skills, as well as a keen eye for detail and a commitment to quality that have been instrumental in ensuring that each project meets the highest standards.

josé apolinar
zuñiga bautista

José, who holds a degree in Civil Engineering, began his career as a surveyor and on-site supervisor for a major road and highway construction company. He then worked as an external consultant for kinetica, contributing to projects such as James Turrel's sculptural skyspace, David Chipperfield's Jumex museum, and Duda Paine's Equus 333. Eventually, he joined the team permanently and was responsible for coordinating the installation of "La Carreta" Pavilion, designed by Sasaki.

Since then, José has played a crucial role in managing and coordinating the installation of various projects. Notable examples include ZHA's 520 West 28th in New York, One Thousand Museum in Miami, and the 2020 Dubai Expo.

enemegio carmona

Leopoldo has been a member of kinetica for almost fifteen years, serving in various important roles in the majority of the company's projects. He has accumulated extensive experience in all operational areas.

As an engineer specialized in composite materials, Leopoldo has expertise in a wide range of materials, from FRP and GRG to GFRC and UHPC. His knowledge of material composition and behavior makes him a valuable team member involved in all projects with complex geometries. He plays a key role from the research and development phases, to creating models and molds, and ultimately overseeing the manufacturing and installation of finished pieces.

luis javier
rivera lópez

Luis is a senior member of Kinetica's workshop and has been an essential part of the team for almost twenty years. As a 3rd generation carpenter and cabinetmaker, he possesses a deep understanding of geometry and fabrication processes. His expertise in shop operations, coupled with his mastery of aesthetics, functionality, and design language, has helped to foster a symbiotic relationship between Kinetica's workshop and office.

Luis has played a role in every Kinetica project, contributing to the fabrication of mock-ups and samples, and the development of wooden structures for models and molds. He has also overseen the installation of finished pieces. His versatility and knowledge of the intricacies of each project have been essential to their success.

Thanks to Luis's expertise, Kinetica has been able to ensure that every aspect of each project's design, from the initial stages to the final installation, is executed to the highest standards. Luis's contributions to the team have been invaluable, and he is highly regarded for his exceptional work ethic and technical skill.

carlos alberto
martínez bustos

With over 20 years of experience, Alberto is a seasoned Public Accountant who is well-versed in the administrative and financial aspects of business operations. His sharp analytical and managerial skills have led him to specialize in tax compliance and reimbursement for international trading.

Alberto joined Kinetica as Head Accountant with the goal of optimizing the company's use of financial, infrastructure, and human resources. He brings a wealth of expertise in financial management and is dedicated to ensuring that Kinetica's finances are in compliance with all relevant regulations and guidelines.

With his experience and commitment to excellence, Alberto is an invaluable member of the Kinetica team. His insights and recommendations are helping to ensure that the company's resources are being used to their fullest potential.

rodríguez ramírez

with a background in Digital Film Production, a passion for visual storytelling and a sharp eye for detail Andrés brings a fresh and innovative perspective to Kinetica's media team as an Audiovisual Producer.

With experience in photography, video editing, and direction, He is skilled in all aspects of video production, from pre-production planning to post-production editing, and is proficient with various cameras, lighting equipment, and editing software.

Andrés collaborates with the team to document Kinetica's projects and produce engaging content for various platforms, effectively communicating the team's vision to the audience. He is a detail-oriented individual who is always looking for innovative ways to showcase Kinetica's work and captivate viewers.

monica alejandra
molina molano

Monica is a Business Administration specialist with over 15 years of experience in commercial, administrative, and accounting roles across various industries such as education, recycling, and human resources. Her experience in staff, payroll, and financial management has been instrumental in her role as a key member of Kinetica's accounting and HHRR department.

At Kinetica, Monica works closely with the accounting team to develop and implement strategies for optimizing the company's financial operations. Her expertise in financial management and payroll administration is invaluable in ensuring that Kinetica's finances are in compliance with all relevant regulations and guidelines.

herrera barron

Jaqueline Herrera is a driven and detail - oriented accounting professional who began her journey at Kinetica through our internship program. She quickly proved her abilities and was offered a permanent role in the accounting department upon graduation.

With her strong work ethic and commitment to accuracy, Jaqueline has become an integral part of our accounting team. She ishighly skilled in financial management, budgeting, and financial reporting, and her excellent communication skills allow hertoeffectively interact with all departments in the company.

guzmán rojas

Liliana Guzmán serves as our Office Manager, bringing knowledge and experience to oversee the day to day office operations. With her background in marketing and business, she plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth functioning of our office. Additionally, her previous experience as an accounting assistant has further developed her financial management and organizational skills.

In her capacity as Office Manager, Liliana is responsible for managing administrative and human resources functions, ensuring that our office operates efficiently. She focuses on providing necessary resources and support to our team members, enabling them to excel in their respective roles.

Liliana's contributions are essential to maintaining a productive work environment and supporting our team. Her expertise and dedication enable us to operate smoothly and ensure that our office functions optimally.


Currently pursuing a double degree in Architecture from Tecnólogico de Monterrey, Mexico and master in Sustainable Management and Eco-Innovation from Rennes School of Business, France. Jesus is motivated by being able to participate in complex non-standard projects.

Previously, he was part of a professional internship experience in product design at the LEGO Group in Billund, Denmark. Jesus developed skills in industrial design as an architecture student, sharing and learning from an international team of top-industry designers.

Jesus recently joined Kinetica as an architectural intern, having a unique opportunity to blend the principles of architecture and industrial design. He was driven by the innovative, high-impact design of the firm, eager to push the boundaries of what may be cultured in the academic world.


Marcela Zepeda is currently pursuing her studies at Tecnológico de Monterrey, focusing on product design. Her academic journey is shaped by her creative pursuits and dedication to crafting design. She particularly enjoys working with 3D modeling and rendering, specializing in product design, and harboring a deep passion for creative endeavors.

She has participated in international programs in Italy focused on sustainable certifications and contributed to various urban projects, including designing public parks and university campuses. Marcela continues to nourish her creative skills with different materials and digital mediums. Her initiative for learning has helped her to adapt to the vibrant environment of Kinetica.
































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